TUFS addresses issues central to food studies and the challenges of our global food systems (environmental degradation, sustainable agriculture, food access, food-related disease).  This work is informed by the ethical, philosophical, and cultural emphases of the humanities in conversations with our colleagues in the agricultural, health, and social sciences. TUFS applies our specialties in African American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology, Art, Communication studies, Documentary Studies, Environmental Studies, Folklore, Geography, Global Studies, History, Horticulture, Literature, Philosophy, Political Science, Public Health, Public Policy, Sociology, Soil Science, Southern Studies, Theology, and Women’s Studies to discussions of food and culture, agriculture, the environment, nutrition, justice, and access to food.

TUFS seeks to create opportunities for collaborative research and team-taught courses, colloquia, publications, web-based resources, and working groups, as well as hands-on experience working with local farms and gardens, community organizations, and university-sponsored public health initiatives.  TUFS brings the university and broader communities together to synthesize and deepen discussions, publications, and actions regarding food cultural documentation, food access, food security, sustainability, and fair working conditions for farm workers in North Carolina and beyond.  


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